The porcelain dolls I am creating are called BiDoll. Bi translated from Latin means two.At the moment BiDoll has 5 lines, the main Bidoll line, Bidoll Lithe, BiDoll Ego , Bidoll Muha and Bidoll TeddyDoll line. As a collector I like dolls with bright sexuality, so my main line satisfies my interest in these types of dolls. I also like dolls who are teenagers, and my line Muha is about them. Muha is the doll that was specifically made for playing. The size of the doll is perfect if you wish to buy dolls clothes from the vendors at BJD market. She was specifically designed for those who like to play. To me to become a well satisfied collector of my own dolls I need to make different dolls. In 2016 I  released a new BiDoll line which is called BiDoll Lithe. This doll ise tall, slim and graceful with long legs. Many people tell me that the bodies of my dolls are so beautiful that the clothes are not needed. But, I want to dress them up and create clothes. BiDoll Lithe is going to be a dressed up doll and the clothes will add the beauty to her body. I am sure that BiDoll Lithe is not the last line for me. I am very interested in creating absolutely new dolls and each line has their own reasons and goals to accomplish. I am not an “artist of one painting”. I am positive that there is no future in that. Perfecting only one doll leads to boredom and loss of interest. That is why I am going to add new lines to the existing ones in BiDoll collection. 




























                                                                           BiDoll Lithe


                                                                                    BiDoll Muha


                                                                                     BiDoll EGO (resin)


                                                                                      BiDoll TeddyDoll


Doll Information

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