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My life and dolls

I do have an academic art education. I studied art 13 years of my life. I first graduated from Art School N1 in Minsk, then I enteed very famous in Belarus Glebob’s Minsk State Art College and graduatedwith Design major. After that I studied at the Belarus State Academy of Arts and got my Bachelor’s degree in Design in Virtual Media. So, I got all the possible education I could get. I was very lucky in my student life because I had the most talented teach ers who always believed in me and shared all their knowledge. I am a doll artist, butdolls are an object of design. My past education taught me the basics and gave me a stepping stone. I learned the process of doll making myself, knowing my artistic background, it was not very hard.

I started my development in the doll world as a collector. Now I am making the dolls myself and I think that my dolls are to be ones of the best dolls in the world. So, what inspires me is the desire to have a doll, the Best doll. I have an image in my head, and I really want to have this doll in my hands as well. My desire is so strong that nothing can stop me. My dream will come true. So, I would say that I am inspired by my desires. The doll is what I like the most in the world. There are plenty of ideas and they are everywhere, but, I only make the dolls that I would wish to have

My first doll on the eBay auction was sold for   $8500  here

And the last was sold for $18000 here




I am a member of Professional Doll Makers Art Guild

Professional Doll Makers Art Guild

with Jack Johnston


My arts was acknowledged by multiple awards and prizes such as

         Hellen Bullard  award of excellence (2018)
         PDMAG  The Best Doll Of The Show (2018)
         Hellen Bullard  award of excellence (2017)
         PDMAG gold award The best BJD (2017)
         IDTS The Best Doll Of The Show (2015)
         IDTS The Best DJD (2015, 2016)

         Industry choice award of excellence  Dolls magazine  (2016) and others



I also got multiple publicatiosn in many doll magazines and art books.

Haute Doll Magazine August  2016 (cover, article)
Haute Doll Magazine  Apryl  2016 (cover, article)
AforArtistic winter 2017 (cover, article) 
PDMAG Book  2017 (article)
International Doll  Artist Magazine 2017 (article)

L'art de la BJD 2017 Book (article)  and more





Thank you



This project would not happen without the help of my relatives and my teachers.
I would like to devote that to my grandmother Sosenko Lubov Filipovne. Her whole life was a great example for me and showed how to be determined and move forward and reach  goals. She was an example of hardwork and dedication. I am very sorry she is no longer with us.

Also I would like to say thanks you to my parents

Aliaksandr and Vera Terenteva,  for their faith in me and their constant support.
My sister Nastia for she is lovely kitten
My grandparents Lidiya and Victor Terentev for love and support.
My loving husband for his love and faith.

My great teachers who shared their knowledge and experince.

To Strikeleva Kristina for her input in my project thinking. This project was created based on the knowledge and experience I got during our communication.
To Biritskiy Vladimir for forcing me to be creative thinker, and look for new interesting concept ideas and solutions.
To Valeriy Rulkov for his knowledge to cast, and for his talks on casting, rhythm and dynamics.  And also for the tools                                                                                                                                                                                  To Morgunova Taisiya for the fact that my talent was not lost in mathematic labyrinths
To Ree for teaching me faceup art.

To Misha Siayko for the website


I love you all dearly


Rafael Nuri


Hello, My name is Yana Tsiarentsyeva.I was born in Siberia, Russia got my education in Minsk, Belarus. Now I live and work on my dolls in Pittsburgh, United States. I work as an artist and dollmaster under the name Rafael Nuri. My professional  dedication dolls began in 2009. For many years I worked as a faceup artist for asian ball joint dolls. Project BiDoll started in 2010. It took me four years to make it happen. Enjoy.


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