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All pics here

I am thrilled to finally unveil  my new doll to you all who've been patiently waiting.  I started this project more than a year ago, and I am so happy she turned out even better than I could have ever dreamed.  For some time now, I have wanted to dress one of my dolls in porcelain, and though it took a little thought and ingenuity I've finally achieved this dream.
To transform lace into porcelain I used the Dresden German Porcelain Lace technique.  It was a very interesting experiment and I couldn't be happier with the final result. Thanks to this amazing technique I managed to create a totally unique work of art. 
As you may all know raw porcelain is a very complex and delicate material to work with, it can most definitely be more than trying at time, but the end result more than justified the tremendous hard work and effort put into this very special doll.  The collar, corset, lingerie & mask  on the sleeping face were made using this porcelain lace technique.  I hope you will enjoy this doll a lot as much as I've enjoyed making her.

Thank you,


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  1. Tatie

    Yana the doll is absolutely stunning!!! So much details on the porcelain work !! It look very complicated but never the less beautiful!!!
    I imagine it will be very expensive too :) have you planning to sell her on eBay or she is already claimed?
    Have you planing to made any more of your beauty's for sale, maybe (голышки) for us to chance to buy one :)
    just would be wonderful to know your thoughts on this ^^

  2. Rafael Nuri

    Thank you for a nice word)). No, this doll not for sell. I made her for my private collection. I making doll for eBay now. Hope you will love her too. Thank you!

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