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I am so happy to introduce to all of you my new doll line BiDoll Muha. I started my BJD journey as a collector seven years ago. One of my biggest dreams was to find the most unique and rare BJD doll in SD size. I did not find anything better but create it myself. I am very happy that I have her, actually two of them. :) One of the ideas was to make a doll that could wear the standard clothes and shoes from main producers, like Doll-heart, for example. And that will make her the doll for playing also. Clothes can be just bought anywhere. The clothes she wears is Volks DD size and any SD shoes. It is still a BiDoll that is exclusively made of high quality porcelain and designed for serious collectors who want sometimes to play. You will be able to see these dolls live at International Doll and Teddy Show on June 5th-7th, 2015 in Asheville, NC.

Today I present two molds: Kitsune and Kitsune OM(open mouth). They stand at 22in (56sm) with 19 points of articulation, permanent ceramic-china painting of face and body, leather lined joints for smooth rotation, and a full industrial spring system for an incredible range of motion and posting ability.


The pictures are in the galleries section





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  1. Jill Jackson

    Don't know which of these beauties is my favorite. Love them both.

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