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I am so glad and happy! I'm going to reveal my secrets and show my doll to all of you! It took a long time but it finally happened!
I am not going to write too much about the process. The only thing I'd like to say is it was a tremendous amount of work and efforts. I hope you will realize it when you see her. Also, please keep in mind this doll is a part of a bigger project. She is first in my SALIGIA collection.
You can find all details, pictures, specifications and more here. For those who does not care reading a lot, please be aware that there is only one doll on the photo. It has three faces and two heads. The pictures were done without any post-processing. No Photoshop.
Mold: Heema
Material: Porcelain
Height: 45 cm
So here we go...

Just like an innocent grasshopper may give birth to a swarm of deadly locusts, any beautiful emotion has the potential to transform into a force of destruction and wickedness.

Passionate desire may give birth to the torment of envy. Envy is both mighty and low, its fire burns bright, but it is concealed as a weakness to be ashamed of. An ugly toad, a slippery snake, thorn of the rose – envy is ugliness born out of the love for beauty.





There are plenty of pictures. You may find them on Gallery The ones I show here are my favourites.






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  1. Yuliya

    Потрясающая работа! Очень впечатляет! Такая грациозная и соблазнительная...Подвижность и скульпт тела вызывает восторг!
    С удовольствием поселила бы такое создание у себя дома

  2. Irine

    She is simply stunning! Great work. Is she for sale?

  3. Claudie

    I am so so proud to call you my sister! You have such an inebidcrle talent. Yay for finally having a blog! Your passion is seen in each and everyone of your photos. I look up to you I'm so many ways and hope to someday have a job that I enjoy as much as you enjoy yours. I love you with all of my heart!

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