Bidoll Ego

Resin • 22nd Dec, 16


Dear Everyone,

I am happy to present you my new line BiDoll Ego. As you already know I started working with Belarusian fashion designer Veronika Kukolka. It was a very interesting experience to work with a designer who makes collections for people. So I wanted to create a doll for these people and for the designers who work in fashion industry. We talked a lot about lines and...


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From a sketch to a doll.

Blog • 6th Dec, 16


Hello Everyone,
I came back from my travel where I continued working on BiDoll Ego line. The doll is almost ready and I will show you her very soon. Now I would like to introduce all of you to a...


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Bidoll EGO

Blog • 9th Oct, 16



Dear Friends! I would like to share with you all that I am working on a new project. I thought a long time if the idea of making a doll in resin is right. The market and the conditions I am facing showed me that it would be a right idea to create the doll in this material. The dolls I am working on in resin are going...


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