Blog • 23rd May, 18

All pictures of that amazing doll now avalible in the gallery here
Also I am preparing two last dolls mold Gracefull. They will be available for purchase. After that I will open preorder for new mold Somber. Thank you !!!





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Bidoll Ego "Artist Set"

Blog • 10th May, 17

Thank you very much for your great interest in artist sets. I am very sorry that some of you were not able to get the doll because I have a limited number of sets. The nude dolls will become available on JPop this summer.


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Bidoll Ego artist set

Resin • 9th May, 17

Hello Everyone,

I apologize for not responding to some of your e-mails on time. I probably missed some messages also. I was getting ready for a doll show in Philadelphia and just came home yesterday. If you did not get a response to your message please send it again. Today I am happy to announce that I am ready to accept orders for the Ego Artist Set. I see that there are many people who are...


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