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My life and dolls


I loved dolls insanely from the early childhood. When I was 11 years old my grandmother bought me my first Barbie doll. That was my cloud nine. I never even imagined of the profession of a dollmaster so I went to a formal education as an artist and then media art designer. I was always buying different dolls but the idea of making a doll myself never crossed my mind. In 2009 I got a present from my husband Pullip doll Chill. She looked exactly like me, very beautiful with big eyes. There was a plan just to put it on a shelf and just look at her. But I found a Pullip doll forum where I first discovered about asian ball joint dolls. In a couple of months they had a cosplay competition and I won it.


It was very cute and naive. I decided to move forward and started researching into ball joint market. Again, it happenned my husband bought me my first big 70 centimeter ball joint doll from resin. So, I started to paint faceups. It wasn't easy at times, but hard work and insane determination did the job. By 2010 I could do everything myself - faceups, clothes and wigs. BJD customization was the only thing I could think about, I learnt how to create great images of my work and started taking orders for faceups from people all over the world. I was quite popular and expensive as a faceup artist. My collection of ball joint dolls grew as I was acquiring the best pieces of art ever created on the dolls market, Alhimic Labo  Unoa Zero by Alhimic Labo  ,  Volks ,  Dollshe. In 2010 the idea to create my own doll finally struck and I continued to work on the faceups and my own doll from that time. So I still worked with my customers as a faceup artist and started my own doll as a BiDoll brand.
















Now I am very happy to present to you my artist ball joint doll. It is a porcelain ball joint doll. It is very complex but incredibly noble material. I am glad I finally reached one of the top goals in my career.



Thank you



This project would not happen without the help of my relatives and my teachers.
I would like to devote that to my grandmother Sosenko Lubov Filipovne. Her whole life was a great example for me and showed how to be determined and move forward and reach  goals. She was an example of hardwork and dedication. I am very sorry she is no longer with us.

Also I would like to say thanks you to my parents

Aliaksandr and Vera Terenteva,  for their faith in me and their constant support.
My sister Nastia for she is lovely kitten
My grandparents Lidiya and Victor Terentev for love and support.
My loving husband for his love and faith.

My great teachers who shared their knowledge and experince.

To Strikeleva Kristina for her input in my project thinking. This project was created based on the knowledge and experience I got during our communication.
To Biritskiy Vladimir for forcing me to be creative thinker, and look for new interesting concept ideas and solutions.
To Valeriy Rulkov for his knowledge to cast, and for his talks on casting, rhythm and dynamics.  And also for the tools                                                                                                                                                                                  To Morgunova Taisiya for the fact that my talent was not lost in mathematic labyrinths
To Ree for teaching me faceup art.

To all friends who particapated in the project

To Misha Siayko for the website
To Anna Ignateva for the art
To E. V. Svetova for the text                                                                                                                                           Larisa Morillo for her expertise with porcelain  and moral support.                                                                                                                                                          
To Zhukova Maria for her expertise with porcelain
To Maria Kuzavkova and Sergey Frolov for Jack Danials, Asti Martini and moral support.                                                                                                                                                                             To Maria Andreyanchenko for some her ideas and moral support
To Yuri Demidov for tools
To my daughter London and my step daughter Arina for their existence.

I love you all dearly


Rafael Nuri

Hello, My name is Yana Tsiarentsyeva.I was born in Siberia, Russia got my education in Minsk, Belarus. Now I live and work on my dolls in Pittsburgh, United States. I work as an artist and dollmaster under the name Rafael Nuri. My professional  dedication dolls began in 2009. For many years I worked as a faceup artist for asian ball joint dolls. Project BiDoll started in 2010. It took me four years to make it happen. Enjoy.


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